As well as computer and laptop repairs, our Belfast based engineers can also install a secure wireless network in your home.

Wireless Network Installation Belfast

With the amount of wireless enabled devices on the market today, it makes sense to have a wireless network in your home to allow all these devices to share the same internet connection. This saves having separate data charges for each device. It also reduces the number of cables that would be running to each device.

Wireless Network Installation Belfast

Wireless Network Installation Belfast

If you have an Xbox 360, Xbox One, a Playstation 3, a PS4, a laptop, netbook, PC, Android Tablet, iPad, or a smartphone. These can all be attached to a wireless network in your home, and can all share your internet connection.

As well as having many wireless devices connect to the internet, you can have a wireless enabled printer installed, allowing all the computers to use the same printer, without having messy cables around the house.

Our engineers can install a wireless network in your home, secure it, and connect all your wireless enabled devices to it.

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